Biden Embarks on Extreme Abortion Agenda

Joe Biden abandoned his 43-year history of supporting the Hyde Amendment as a presidential contender in 2019. Unborn children of color and other minorities would be disproportionately affected by repeal. Nearly all of the pro-life measures implemented by the Trump administration have been essentially repealed by Biden [1].
Abortion supporters in Congress are working to pass legislation that will enshrine a nationwide right to the procedure. Every state legislature in America would be overruled by H.R. 3755, which would establish a nationwide system of abortion on demand. Additionally, it would prevent the application of practically every pro-life law passed at the state and municipal levels [2-4].
H.R. 3755’s intervention into areas outside the scope of the federal government attempts to racially and gender divide Americans. Republicans in the House voted 210-0 against it, despite it receiving the unanimous support of the Congressional Black Caucus. Mega-clinics that could perform tens of thousands of abortions yearly were the focus of years of construction for abortion providers. The US Food and Medication Administration authorized the sale of the abortion drug mifepristone in 2000 [5-7].
The FDA’s mandate for mifepristone delivery in person was suspended by a district judge. 23 pro-life leaders wrote a letter to FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn. Only doctors may administer pharmacological abortions in 33 states in 2021, according to their claims, who said that proponents of the abortion industry were “pushing the coronavirus outbreak as a pretext.”[8]
The federal restriction on mail-order abortion drugs will be lifted by the FDA in 2021. The Dobbs v. Dobbs case presents the best opportunity to revisit some of the Court’s most contentious abortion decisions in decades. Justices will investigate the legality of any limits on elective abortions before viability [9-11].
Attorney General Lynn Fitch asked the Supreme Court to reverse Roe and remand the case to the state legislatures. She defined viability as a “arbitrary line with arbitrary implications.” Organizations that speak for African Americans, Hispanics, Roman Catholics, and Protestants have all condemned the district court’s handling of the case [12, 13].
The number of pro-life pregnancy centers is increasing as the U.S. Supreme Court examines the validity of state laws that offer stronger safeguards for unborn human life. When women are in need of basic items like diapers or baby clothing following an abortion or a pregnancy, the facilities offer support and help [14, 15].
Every day, abortion murders kids of all races in the most horrible ways imaginable. Through all means of media and social media, we must inform the public about the humanity of unborn infants. CURE is dedicated to educating people about abortion, especially in disadvantaged and urban regions [16-18].
Generally, particularly in underserved and urban areas, CURE is committed to educating individuals about abortion. H.R. 3755, which would establish a national system of abortion on demand, would override the state legislatures of every state in America. Practically all state and local pro-life legislation would not be able to be implemented. We must educate the people about the humanity of unborn children through all available channels, including social media.
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