Killing of Donovan Lewis in USA

Officer Ricky Anderson of the Columbus Division of Police shot and killed 20-year-old African-American Donovan Lewis (born May 14, 2002) on August 30, 2022, in the Hilltop neighborhoods of Columbus, Ohio, when police executed a search warrant at his residence. Lewis had a warrant out for his arrest for assault, reckless gun handling, and domestic abuse against his pregnant girlfriend. When police unlocked Lewis’ bedroom door after apprehending two males inside the flat, Anderson shot Lewis, who was lying in his own bed, once [1].
Columbus Police executed a warrant at Lewis’s residence in the Hilltop neighborhood at around 2:00 AM on August 30, 2022, for illegal handling of a handgun, assault, and domestic abuse. Before a tenant of the residence answered the door after eight to 10 minutes of knocking, officers had been at the front door [2]. He and another resident were apprehended by police. A canine unit was unleashed by the police, and it entered the kitchen before making its way to and barking at Lewis’s bedroom door. Officer Ricky Anderson, a 30-year police veteran, pushed open the bedroom door and shot once right away, striking Lewis. Although it is not audible in the tape, the police assert that Lewis was holding a vape pen in his hands. Police restrained Lewis and took him outside the residence so they could do CPR on him. Lewis was transported to a hospital and later pronounced dead [3, 4].
The shooting’s body camera footage and footage of two previous non-fatal shootings by Columbus Police were also released on the same day as the shooting. The shooting is being looked into by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation. The Franklin County Coroner’s Office declared Lewis’ death to be a murder on October 25 [5].
On September 2, demonstrations took place in front of the Columbus Police Department’s headquarters [6]. Cooper Elliot Personal Injury Lawyers’ Rex Elliott was retained by Lewis’s family. On September 1, a news conference was place in a hotel in Columbus’s central business district [7]. According to Elliott, Lewis’ family plans to sue Anderson. Declaring their opposition to the shooting, the Brady Campaign and the NAACP issued statements. On September 7, Columbus Division of Police Chief Elaine Bryant made the announcement that the police will no longer carry out pre-planned arrest warrants at probate homes for misdemeanour violations. Personnel in SWAT or task forces are not affected by the move [8, 9].
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