Genocide: Black Abortions in America

Abortion kills 1,000 black babies every day in America. Abortion is not just a woman’s issue. It’s a human rights issue.
Abortion is the number one killer of black lives in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, abortion kills more black people than HIV, homicide, diabetes, accident, cancer, and heart disease … combined.
In 2019, black women had 38.4% of all abortions in the U.S., despite African-Americans comprising only 12.4% of the total population.
In Michigan, black women make up only about 14% of Michigan’s female population, but they had 55.4% of all abortions reported in the state in 2020.
Visit the websites below to learn more about the genocide of black babies in America.
Black Genocide
Black Genocide works to ensure the survival of all races of people and to improve the quality of life while acknowledging the sanctity of all human life. They offer quality, peaceful, non-violence leadership training, and they embrace the precept of overcoming evil with ethical alternatives.
Maafa 21
Maafa 21 is a compelling, disturbing, thought-provoking documentary film about black abortions in America. Viewed from a historical perspective, Maafa 21 looks at the plan set in motion nearly 150 years ago to exterminate the black race. This DVD may be borrowed from the Grand Rapids Right to Life resource center.
Michigan Department of Community Health
The State of Michigan compiles information on induced abortions. Statistics gathered include abortions performed on women regarding age, race, and county of residence. For an update on a variety of abortion statistics in our state, visit the Michigan Department of Community Health website.
Radiance Foundation
In order to cherish and protect the beautiful potential of human life, Radiance Foundation exposes the abortion industry that profits from deception and destruction. They seek to educate the public about abortion’s impact on the black community through accurate and thought-provoking videos and marketing materials.
Right to Life of Michigan
55% of all Michigan abortions are performed on black women. Understanding this reality, Right to Life of Michigan Educational Fund is working to educate people on the disproportionately high number of minority abortions in Michigan and in the United States.

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